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Professional and used video cameras, broadcasting equipment, relay equipment, ENG, editing equipment, etc.

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About the order

About delivery

Shipping method
Delivery of the item you ordered is selected in the purchase procedure, we have chosen.
Delivery charge
It is free shipping nationwide.
Delivery time
Usually ordered from 2 to 3 weeks we will ship it.
* The shipping business on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays is closed.
Designation of delivery date
Items with stock can be specified on the delivery date if it is after 3 business days from your order.
Please fill in the specified date in the "Order comment" column when ordering.
Specify addressee
Please check the postal code, address, telephone number (mobile phone available) of the addressee after ordering.
* Products will be delivered to the entrance and entrance in principle.
(Some areas may not be delivered to the entrance, so please forgive in advance.

About payment

We accept PayPal · bank transfer · credit card payment as payment method. For details, please see the following items.

It is online payment service.
Payment by credit card is also possible through PayPal.
For details, please see "About Payment with PayPal" page.
Bank transfer
Please transfer to our designated account after ordering.
Shipping of goods will be after payment is confirmed.
Specified account
We will inform you by e-mail after order processing is completed.
Credit card transaction
VISA, Master, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club credit cards are available.
The date of purchase of credit card payment will be the shipping date of the item.
Please direct inquiries such as withdrawal to each credit card company directly.
Credit card payment is made through the payment company.

About the product

We sell second hand goods of video equipment, parts related to video such as video camera, camera peripheral equipment, broadcasting equipment, business photography equipment, VTR editing equipment etc.

About price
Prices posted on the website are always subject to price fluctuations, but we will sell them at the time of ordering.
In addition, if there is an obvious error or omission in objective display due to reasons such as display, work or other reasons on the display of prices, specifications etc. of products / services stated on this site, we accept our order from our company Even if it is later, we may cancel it. Please note.
About image of product
For images of products, we use images shot by our company. Specification, color tone etc. may differ from the actual product.
About stock
We are working on inventory management carefully from time to time but the stock contents are changing from time to time as a result of direct dealings with our business partners. Although there is no inconvenience, we will update the information on the availability of stocks and sold out products from time to time, but as we will also guide you as a product sold out after ordering with a time lag, thank you like you acknowledge it beforehand .
Second hand goods
As customers can use with confidence, the products we are guiding are products that passed our standards established by us.

Depending on aged deterioration and previous use conditions, second-hand goods may have some feeling of use such as yellowing of some scratches and sunburns, paint peeling etc occurred. Please note. Regarding the operation and remaining amount of the built-in battery and built-in battery, please understand that it is out of the scope of product warranty due to consumable items.
New item
Returned goods etc. after opening can not be done.
Second hand goods 7 days
New item maker guarantee
* If you receive manufacturer's warranty, we will require a warranty card so please keep it carefully.
* If you can not bring manufacturer's warranty certificate, please understand that we may not be able to take care of repair etc. Other items for which the warranty period is specified specially are based on that number of days.
Initial failure
Products with defects occurred within 7 days from the date of purchase (item arrival date for mail order) and refunded will be refunded. If it is past 7 days, it will be repaired according to the warranty period of the product. For products that are guaranteed by the manufacturer, the manufacturer guarantee rule shall prevail.

Basically we can not accept returned goods of good products.
Warranty Response
Products that exceed the initial failure period within the warranty period will be treated as repair. In addition, the attached consumable items (battery / internal battery / other) will not be covered by the warranty.

For warranty correspondence, we will bring the item (delivery) and will hand it over after inspection / repair (shipping). Furthermore, initial defect and warranty period within repair asking postage our company charge I will do.

For products outside the warranty period, shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
Out-of-warranty and special mention matter
* If it falls under the following matters, it will not be covered by the warranty service. Please note.

In cases where this warranty card is not presented or when there is no receipt etc. to prove purchase
In cases where manufacturer's warranty is required and you can not bring the manufacturer's warranty certificate
Natural disasters such as lightning strikes and earthquakes, or breakdown / damage due to fire / abnormal voltage / static electricity
Negligence etc. due to cases where customer's handling is unfair. (Failure and damage due to actions outside the provisions such as movement, transportation, falling, remodeling behaviors etc after purchase, misconfiguration etc. Physical damage at the time of attaching peripheral equipment etc. Others due to reasons attributable to the customer Failure and damage etc.)

As for the data of the recording medium, it can not be guaranteed in any case.
Please make a backup in advance before being requested for repair.

Regardless of the cause of legal claim in any case, with regard to damage (including loss of business interest, disruption of business, loss of business information or other financial damage) arising from the use or invalidity of this product , We will not assume any responsibility.

Warranty cards not filled in the dealer's field are invalid. This warranty card is valid only in Japan.

About return

If you do not like it, we will accept returns for three days (depending on the product) after delivery of the item.

* In the case of return due to customer's convenience, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer.
* Returned goods are limited to second - hand goods.

After the period, returned goods and exchanges can not be accepted in any case, so please be sure to check the operating status of the product after arrival.

Procedure of return
Please be informed of the procedure by telephone so please contact the following counter.

【Contact point】
Phone number: 025-285-8126
Reception hours: 9: 00 am - 6: 00 pm on weekdays
Return method
Please pack it.
Please inform us of the branch name and account number of the transfer destination by e-mail etc. beforehand, or include the memorandum stated before returning it.
Please note that it will be subject to reduction if all the items attached at the time of delivery are not available.
About refund
If there is a defect within 7 days it will be refunded.

We will refund your account to you by bank transfer after confirming the item at our company.
(The customer will bear the transfer fee in the case of customer convenience returned goods.In addition, since we do not accept refund methods other than bank transfer, please understand.)

Depending on the settlement method the refund date will be different. In the case of cash on delivery settlement etc., since it will be refunded after payment is confirmed, it may take about one month for your time.
About refusing returned goods
Refund can not be accepted if it falls under the following items.
Please note.
Items that can not be returned
When the product is damaged due to customer's negligence
When the accessory at the time of delivery is not completed at the time of return
When remodeling the product itself
When it does not operate normally due to compatibility with additional equipment, peripheral equipment, etc.
Consumables (internal battery etc.) life, wear and deterioration case
In case of trouble due to installation environment
In addition, if we acknowledge that it falls outside the warranty