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Pro-level video used for camcorders, broadcast equipment, photographic equipment, VTR editing equipment such as used equipment available.

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Operations division officer name
Nishikata Nobuyuki
Zip code
3-2-20, TOYANOMINAMI Chuo-ku, Niigata-Shi, Niigata Prefecture
Description of the charges other than commodity price
Take shipping and transfer fees separately from the selling price.
Application expiry
Shall within 7 days after your order. And with no intention of buying orders after 7 days your deposit if you do not, the order will be automatically cancelled.
Sales quantity
Please visit each product page.
Delivery time
Will be shipped within 7 days from receiving your order.
Form of payment
Pay by bank transfer, credit card and Paypal are available.
Payment deadline
After sending the confirmation e-mail from me within 7 days.
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