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  • PDW-850
  • PDW-850

Product Name:PDW-850

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    • ●2 / 3-type progressive CCD with

      Latest 2/3 type painting 2200000 Megapixel progressive CCD and advanced signal processing LSI with achieved further high quality, such as improvement of s/n (62 dB), high resolution smear levels.

    • ●Provides lightweight, low power consumption

      Compared to conventional aircraft by review of the electrical and mechanical parts and circuit redesign and delivers light weight and low power consumption. The same battery, conventional aircraft more than long shot is possible.

    • ●3.5-inch color LCD monitor with

      Supports 3.5-inch color LCD monitor with high resolution (960 x 540). Review camera images, video and audio monitors, display menus, various thumbnail view.

    • ●Corresponds to the SDI and composite input (pool feed capability)

      Corresponds to the SDI and composite input. You can input signals such as the external camera to record on this unit.

    • ●Multi format recording. also suitable for 23.98 p recording

      In addition to 1080/59.94i, 29.97 p, 50i, 25 p, correspond to the 1080/23.98p recording/playback. Media use and production as well as the can take advantage of a wide range of content, such as movies and COMMERCIALS. 720/59.94p at 50 p or SD format recording is also enabled.

    • ● Clip Continuous REC function

      Even if REC start / stop is repeated, it can be recorded as one clip. It is convenient when you do not want to make many short clips.

    • ● Picture cache function, Disk exchange cache function

      You can record up to the image of up to 30 seconds before going back. In addition, using the Disk Exchange Cache function, continuous recording can be done by replacing the disk within about 30 seconds even if the disk's recording capacity runs short.

    • ● Slot in digital wireless

      By installing the digital wireless receiver DWR-S01D / S02D in slot-in, it is possible to receive 2 channels at the same time with high sound quality.

    • ● Compatible with camera adapter

      You can use it as a live camera by attaching the camera adapter CA - FB70 / TX70 and connecting it with the camera control unit. A single camcorder can be used for multiple purposes.

    • ● Available professional disc

      PFD23A, PFD50DLA * Three- / four-layer discs can not be used