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Pro-level video used for camcorders, broadcast equipment, photographic equipment, VTR editing equipment such as used equipment available.

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SACHTLER Video20 S1 / prototype


SACHTLER Video20 S1 / prototype

Product Name:SACHTLER Video20 S1 / prototype

$5,862.56(Excl. tax)

Head is a prototype Video20 S1 did not sell only a few in the world. Head color in gray type name is A20. Premium head very valuable. Only the head.

    • -100 mm in combination with the tripod outdoors making /ENG most effectively

      Counter balance by conventional machines video 20 SB of from 12 to 16 to significantly change the counter balance more accurate adjustment become possible. Also, with a loading switch (boothbotan), and for the first time in the video sees. It became possible to set two of the Low and High load areas, within the load range.

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