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HJ 22 e × 7.6 B IASE A


HJ 22 e × 7.6 B IASE A

  • HJ 22 e × 7.6 B IASE A
  • HJ 22 e × 7.6 B IASE A

Product Name:HJ 22 e × 7.6 B IASE A

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Manufacturer maintenance and outstanding. Very nice appearance.

    • -Provides wide end 7.6 mm

      It is a 22 x magnification for ENG telephoto zoom lens. Almost as aimed at high magnification of the zoom length and mass, as well also the wide end from 7.8 mm to 7.6 mm wide angle has been. Also provides high optical performance than conventional models, has adopted the newly developed optical alignment with a reputation for excellent correction for aberrations, as well as if (internal focus).

    • -Built-in high-precision encoder

      As a lens for Yang/YAFP powered by the encoder for the first time in the world. Thus, zoom, focus and IRIS to control with high precision in addition is possible. Also, with this encoder has been achieved thorough compact and lightweight design, lens size and weight are traditionally models the same has possible new features. Synthesis, so that virtual outputs in addition to the CG and live virtual Studio also delivers. * With IASE B type

    • -Hold the new drive unit

      Equipped with high density design using the latest 3D CAD conventional compared with the model compact drive unit. The adoption of free-form surfaces according to the shape of a human hand, improved grip. Also noise simulation using 3D-CAD, low noise of the drive unit, as well as provide both strength and lightweight strength simulation.

    • -Designed environment

      Lead-free has achieved levels to clear the environmental regulations of each country in the optics and electrical system components.

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