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Product Name:PMW-50

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    • -Supports MPEG2 HD422 recording and playback

      Recording bit rate MPEG HD422 codec for 50 Mbps, full HD, 4:02: 2 sampling SxS memory cards to high-quality records. File format uses a MXF file formats already widely used in the field of video production. As well as recording format is MXF 50Mbps, tackle in the MP4 file format employed by MXF 35Mbps or "XDCAM EX" 35Mbps/25Mbps or DVCAM recording. You can take advantage of in a variety of applications and workflows.

    • -Can use in the field by the battery-powered

      Can be battery powered by a lithium-ion battery BP-series. Check video in the field can use camcorder backup applications, etc, not to mention. AC power supply using the supplied battery charger BC-U1 power supply function, of course, is possible.

    • -Equipped with extensive input/output terminals, such as HD-SDI, HDMI

      Equipped with extensive input/output terminals, such as HD-SDI, HDMI, i.LINK. This can be useful in combination with the camcorder because it corresponds to the REC trigger control SDI HD-SDI inputs corresponding to backup recording.

    • -3.5-inch WVGA (852 × 480) LCD monitor

      Significantly increase the number of pixels from the PMW-EX30 is equipped with high-definition LCD monitor of approximately 1230000 images.

    • ● small size and light weight

      Consider taking to the field, and weighing about 1 kg and lightweight, and coupled with the adoption of the foldable LCD has been designed very compact.

    • -USB host capability (*)

      You can copy these external storage instead of clips recorded on the SxS memory card allows you to connect to external storage, such as Flash memory or hard disk with USB interface in the option Terminal, PC. * Will be available at the firm up (released summer 2013)

    • -Rupreck features (* 1) (* 2)

      With the rupreck function and override two SxS memory cards, while continue to journal. * Will be available at must be installed 2 1 SxS memory card * 2 firm up (released fall 2013)

    • -Other features

      -Wi-Fi remote control function (* 1) (* 2) * 1 firm up (released autumn 2013) support * 2 requires optional Wi-Fi adapter CBK-WA01-clip continuathleck functions (UDF mode only)

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